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My Top 5 Tropes

I LOVE tropes! Some may call me a trope whore which I fully am ok with! Check out what some of my favorite tropes are in both books and writing!

Allison Aldridge
How to Write Siblings

This is my sister, this is my brother, everything we own we share with each other. Anyone else have a guilty pleasure of watching hours of Tik Tok’s…no just me ok. Anyways check out my top five ways of writing sibling relationships in novels!

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My Night Time Writing Routine

I did a super fun collar with Author Angela Anne on Youtube where we showed you our writing routines! As the night owl I am I did mine at night and she did hers in the morning!

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Story WIP Tag

Want to know more about Dark Radiance and the books after it? Check out this fun tag where I rave about my WIP!

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May Wrap Up | 2019

Hey I watched somethings and read somethings in the month of May! Want to know what they are? Check out my May wrap up!

Allison Aldridge
How to Motivate Your Book Characters | Writers Wonderland

Can you tell I love characters? I am 100% a character reader when it comes to reading and writing! What kind of reader/writer are you? I am so glad to be able to talk about how to motivate your characters within your novel because I struggled with it for a long time! I hope this helped you out and let me know what motivates your characters in your stories!

Allison Aldridge
Should Booktubers Get Publishing Deals? | Tea Party Talks

Let’s spill the tea about booktubers getting publishing deals.

Again this is not to call out anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. I have wanted to speak on this topic for a long time now, but I was always too nervous. Let’s start a conversation but remember to do it with a happy heart! I want to talk to everyone and hear everyone's opinions!

Allison Aldridge
Top 10 Summer Reads! | 2019

A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa, all these days in the shade ALL THESE BOOKS TO READ IN THE SUN!!!! Wait that's not how that song goes...oh ok then. Check out my top 10 summer reads suggestions!

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The Disney Channel Book Tag

Hi my name is Allison and you are watching Disney Channel!

Magically draws Mickey Ears in blue glitter

Check out this fun book tag I was tagged in! I had so much fun doing this video and I hope you enjoy too!

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