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please follow our guidelines with care

For the dreamers:

Papillon House Press is seeking new writers.

We at Papillon House Press go to great lengths to acquire new voices to share their stories and bring them to life for readers. Please check what we are looking to query below.

To submit your novel, you will need to provide us with a query letter, complete with a teaser summary (something that might appear on the back of your book), and the first three chapters of the novel.

Please DO NOT submit it as an attachment. All info must be in the body of your email.

Please also include the following:

*The Title or Working Title of Your Manuscript.

*Let Us Know If This is Apart of a Series or Standalone

*The Genre of Your Series and the Word Count


All Queries are to be submitted to

Interested in working with us or have questions?

Contact us below!


  • Young Adult Fiction

  • Fantasy (High/Epic, Dark, Gothic, Historical, Urban, etc. If its fantasy we are all about it!)

  • Paranormal

  • Contemporary

  • Mystery/Thriller

  • Horror

  • Any type of Retellings

  • Scifi (hard, soft, space opera, steampunk, etc.)

  • Magical Realism

  • Romance

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and ask directly through our contact page!


  • Erotica

  • Memoirs

  • Self-help

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