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Dark Sacrifices

Book TWO
Step back in time before the Night Monster came to Town, and two girls surrendered it all.

Aspyn Faye never viewed herself as a spark to a rebellion, but then the Night Monster was created.
Content living as one of the Elites with her brother and best friend by her side Aspyn is ready to take on the Iunctura Ceremony head-on. But when the ceremony to match her brother with his mirrored soul takes a turn for the worse, the Faye Twins find themselves thrust into a plot to deceive the council led by Xander Caldwell. When she refuses to participate, the fallen ANGEL forces her hand with the condition of keeping her blue-eyed lover away from the action. Aspyn must decide if she will fall from grace or betray the only family she has ever had.

You know Claire Halloway as the town ghost. Now meet her as his reason live.
Claire knew her friends weren’t normal, but she could never have imagined that she was walking amongst heaven's elite angels. After a few close encounters with a dark-haired devil, Claire falls into a plan to save a child that the Elites want to abolish. As she falls harder for the outcasted angel, danger begins to brew, and her lifeline begins to thin - Claire must decide what sacrifices she is willing to make in the town of Idelwood.



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