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Dark Radiance

After bouncing around the foster system for years, seventeen-year-old Liliana Caldwell finally crash lands in the gloomy small-town of Idelwood, Colorado. But when she finds out that the people who live in this town know more about her past than she does, Lily is determined to find out why. Idelwood has secrets that demand to be heard by anyone who is willing to listen. Soon Lily is thrown in the middle of a brewing war between God's Elite Angels and his Fallen children. The Elites main concern is her existence. She is a child of both sides, the first of her kind making her a dangerous abomination that the council demands be snuffed out. Lily soon realizes her parent's mistakes are coming back to disturb her as the towns famed ghost Claire Halloway begins to taunt her behind visions from the past. Controlling her newly developing abilities is hard enough, but a green-eyed devil draws Lily in with every electrifying touch they share. With the council breathing down her neck, Lily must learn to control the immense power her abilities bring or become the Night Monster every creature in the town see's her as.
As darkness clouds her soul and secrets of her parents unravel before her eyes, Lily must decide who she wants to be. A monster hidden in the shadows or the puppet on the council's string.

Book One
Lily learned long ago that not all bedtime stories have happy endings. Some just end in nightmares that stick with you forever.

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What Readers are Saying

This book is amazing — a perfect mixture of darkness, humor, romance, and action. I loved all the characters (but especially Finley, no shame) and was rooting for Lilli so hard! I was really interested in the “culture” of the angels and loved that we were given some details into the history. There are also some huge plot twists that keep you on the edge of your seat and, if you’re like me, audibly gasp.

That ending though... how dare you Alli??

If you enjoy Twilight and Supernatural, you will 100% love this book. Pick it up and read it ASAP!!

Elodie Iver


This, my friends, needs to be made into a movie or TV show. It's the next Vampire Diaries or Twilight, but unique with fallen angels. I read an earlier draft and couldn't put it down. I am sure the final version is even better!

Stephanie Mirro


Brandi Sumey


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