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Twisted Desire by Jessi Elliott | Book Reviews

Rated 5 Out Of 5 Stars

“Maybe that’s why I can admit to enjoying what it feels like when we kiss. When our lips are locked, he can’t talk.”

This is book 3 in the Twisted series and this review may have spoilers for the other books in the series!

Can I just say wow! I knew that my love for both Skylar and Nikolai was strong, but I didn’t realize it was THIS STRONG!

I fell in love with Jessi Elliot's writing and the world the second I read the first two books in this series and the novella did not disappoint! Skylar is a badass as usual which is why I loved her in the first two books. But she is also loyal and kind just with a little bit of sass (which who doesn't love a little sass no and again?) Getting to go into her mind was so exciting and fun because like I said she is my favorite…Don’t tell Aurora or Allison! I also loved that Skylar’s voice is clearly different from Aurora and constant with her voice in the first two books. While Nikolai is the enemy of the past in Skylar’s life which makes the tension between them steam up the room. If I could describe it in one word, it would be


I think Tristan might have some competition for the love of my life with Nikolai! I mean seriously Skylar and Nik’s chemistry is magnetic and it made me not want to put the book down. Along just the romance in this book which I was living for I loved the twists that came with this novel. When I tell you I avoided all adult responsibilities to read this book and was actually angry when I couldn’t be reading this book I am being dead serious! I loved every second of the Twisted world, and I am sad that this is the end!

Above is an actual reenactment of me crying over the fact that it is over! If you are looking for a fantastical swoon-worthy read that you won’t want to put down than drop what you are doing and go buy TWISTED DESIRE! I promise you will not be disappointed!


Being left to lead the fae alongside an annoyingly charming partner really screws with your life.

Skylar Chen just received the promotion of an eternity. After Tristan and Aurora trade their esteemed status for mundane life, it’s now her responsibility to lead the fae.

The catch? She has to work with Nikolai Sterling. With his constant smirks and dangerous good looks, he has a way of getting under Skylar’s skin like no one else. Even still, she’d much rather be getting under him. Sexual tension aside, they have a bigger issue to deal with. The Experiment, a human organization built on hatred toward the fae, threatens to wipe them from existence. It’s time for Skylar and Nikolai to recruit allies, bring the fae together, and prepare for battle.

Fighting to protect her people is something Skylar can manage. It’s the skeletons in her designer closet that make opening up to Nikolai where she’s suddenly out of her element.

In this finale novella, the beloved side characters from Twisted Fate and Twisted Gift take center stage to bring down the organization set on destroying them.


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