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Twisted Gift by Jessi Elliott | Book Review


“What is this? Fifty Shades of Fae? Forget it.”

Hi, my name is Allison, and I am genuinely addicted to Jessi Elliott’s Twisted world! Ok, that sounded weird, but you know what I mean. Twisted Gift ramped up not only the sexy but also the badass that is Aurora!

If you know read the book and know that scene that goes boom…that is how I imagine it going.

The character dynamics in this book were fantastic! I am a huge character person when it comes to the books I love, and the way Jessi crafted each character in this series made me so giddy. One of my favorite characters that we really get to know in this novel is Nikolai! He is witty and sarcastic which made me love him even more! The way he is placed in the plot is fantastic, and each scene he was in made me want to continue reading!

I loved reading the Twisted universe novels because they were not only sexy and funny but also dove into topics that made you cry and feel for these characters. If you are looking for a fun and fast-paced read I highly recommend picking up this series!

Blurb: Being the new leader of the light fae really puts a dent in your post-grad plans. Aurora, once a snarky business major, struggles to adjust to fae life—and the diet of human energy that comes with it. A change made worse by the overwhelming ability to feel the emotions of everyone around her, especially when she can barely manage her own. Agreeing to work with her dark fae counterpart, Tristan, in an attempt to bring peace between their people is a painful reminder of how strong they are together. Even still, Aurora fights the urge to keep her distance. She needs to be sure what she feels for him is real, and not a result of the former light fae leader’s manipulation as a part of his plan to eliminate Tristan. Aurora thought she’d encountered the worst thing since early morning lectures when she stumbled into the world of the fae. She’s about to find out that they may not be the most twisted creatures out there. 

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